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January 18, 2010, THE VALLEY, ANGUILLA: At Digicel Christmas came early and left late. On November 17th 2009 Digicel kicked off its $50,000 Christmas Wish for You Promotion which ended on January 15th 2010. Digicel held the grand draw where ten finalists including; Sabrina Darr, Samaro Richardson, Kelvis Hodge, Sarah Peacock, Joseph Rogers, Kerry Smith, Indira Minott, Gloria Carty, Debra Wilson and Tatiana Cognette came in to the Digicel office to determine who will be walking away with the various prizes from the Digicel’s Christmas Wish List. At the end of the day though, they were all winners as each customer received something for Christmas from Digicel.

Before the draw commenced, Anguilla’s Country Manager Stephenie Brooks, took the opportunity to comment on the tragic occurrence in Haiti and informed the media of what plans are in place to help in generating funds for Haiti’s Relief. In addition to the five (5) million dollars Digicel has donated to the Haiti Relief Fund, the company has allowed all customers to call and text the word “HELP” to 5151 and all proceeds are sent directly into the Haitian community, to provide essentials such as food and health products for survival. Each call and text costs only $1EC. The staff of Digicel encourages all Anguillian residents to join in giving to our fellow islanders in their time of need.  

“During this time of tremendous need, the staff at Digicel has individually and collectively as a company given to the people of Haiti. Mere words cannot express our heartfelt sympathy for those who have lost loved ones and homes. However our hearts are gladdened by the demonstrations of kindness, empathy, caring and love that is being displayed by the world over” commented Stephenie Brooks when questioned on her feelings towards the tragedy in Haiti.

In the presence of many friends and family, the ten qualifiers for the $50,000 Christmas Wish for You promotion, each had the opportunity to choose a lucky number, one through ten, from the Digi-Board which corresponded to the various prizes. Digicel would like to congratulate the customers for winning the following; Kelvis Hodge; $5000.00 cash, Tatiana Cognette; 42” LG Flat Screen TV, Joseph Rogers Samsung Home Surround Sounds, Sabrina Darr; BlackBerry Bold, Sarah Peacock; BlackBerry Storm, Debra Wilson; BlackBerry Javelin, Samaro Richardson; BlackBerry Curve, Kerry Smith; Nokia 5130, Indira Minott; Nokia 2330 and Gloria Carty; Sony Ericson T303.

“Digicel continues to enjoy giving back to the community that we serve. Over the season we have given numerous gifts to our loyal customers and touched lives in a variety of ways. For 2010 the Bigger Better Network grantees to provide even more to our current and potential customers in the form of continued value services, great customer care, reliable sponsorships and community based initiatives.” commented the Marketing Executive, Anuska Reymond.