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Digicel TEXT

What is it?
Digicel TEXT is an easy-to-use messaging service from Digicel that allows you to:
  • Send and receive text messages using your Digicel Mobile
  • Send text messages of up to 160 characters in length
  • Send Messages to another Digicel Subscriber no matter where they are
  • Send Messages to another GSM subscriber
  • Digicel TEXT messages received within seconds of being sent
  • No need to remember the recipient's phone-number, simply retrieve the number from your Digicel phonebook!
  • No country code prefix needed

Getting Started
All Digicel subscribers have this feature once they are on the Digicel Network

Digicel TEXTs are stored on your SIM not your phone! The SIM can store 20 Digicel TEXTs with a maximum 160 characters at any given time. If the storage space if filled or your phone is turned off, you cannot receive any new Digicel TEXTs until you DELETE those already stored.
Please remember to READ and DELETE immediately