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Mobile Web

General Packet Radio Service (GPRS)

What is GPRS?
The General Packet Radio Service (GPRS) is a new value added service offered by Digicel that allows information to be sent and received across a mobile telephone network. Digicel’s GPRS solution brings a range of new services to subscribers. This technology enables us to offer you various services through your phone eg. surfing the Internet & sending and receiving pictures.

Services available from GPRS are MobileWeb (below).

How do I get connected to My Digicel GPRS Service?
To get connected, call 100 from your Digicel mobile and speak to a Customer Care Agent.

What is Digicel Mobile Web?
With Digicel's Mobile Web you can have the freedom to work conviently from your laptop or PDA even when you are not in the office. Simply purchase a Digicel GPRS PC card modem and a Digicel SIM and you're on the way to the truly wireless world. There are several ways to use Digicel Mobile Web - Connect to the internet using your Laptop and PC card/mobile phone or your PDA and your mobile phone.
To get connected, call 100 from your Digicel mobile and speak to a Customer Care Agent.

Additionally if you want to wirelessly connect to the Internet from your laptop we can help you do this also.

With Digicel’s MobileWeb you can have the freedom to work conveniently from your laptop even when you are not in the office. Simply purchase a GPRS PC Card Modem and a Digicel SIM and you’re on the way to the truly wireless web.

Other sites you can access from your phone

  • AltaVista - Everything from news, weather, and horoscopes to movie listings for theatres in your area. (

  • Backflip - Create a searchable list of WAP sites that are accessible from your phone. (

  • Google - Translates the traditional HTML sites in search results to VML. (

  • MSN Mobile - Includes email, yellow pages, finance, travel, and news. (

  • Yahoo! - Provides personalized services including email, calendar, address book, finance, weather, news, and sports. (

List of Phones that must have Mobile Web Capability
Nokia 3530
Nokia 7650
Nokia 3650
Nokia 6800
Nokia 7250
Nokia 6100
Nokia 6610
Nokia 7210
Sony Ericsson
SE T610
SE P800
SE T200
SE T310
SE T68i
Motorola V70
Motorola A388
Motorola V66
Panasonic GD 88

Additional Conditions Digicel Data Services New Millenium Telecom Services N.V.

1. General These “Additional Conditions Digicel Data Services” (hereafter referred to as “Conditions” are applicable to the agreement between the Subscriber and NMTS with regard to the delivery of Data Services, such as for example, but not limited to, the Services Digicel Vibes and Digicel Mobile Web, by NMTS to the Subscriber, in addition to the relevant general Terms and Conditions to the Agreement (prepaid or contract) that also remain fully applicable. In case of conflict between the relevant general Terms and Conditions and these Conditions, these Conditions will prevail. NMTS is entitled to change these Conditions and the tariffs during the course of the Agreement with the Subscriber.

2. Definitions a. Internet: a world-wide network of computer networks, computers, databases, telecommunication networks and other resources. b. User: the Subscriber and/or end users under its account who are bound by these Specific Conditions. c. Connection Point: any technical means to access the Data Services as provided by NMTS to User. d. Data Services: the additional services, such as Digicel Vibes, Digicel Mobile Web and others, whereby Digicel provides to User using an appropriate Connection Point, with the capability to query, receive, send, organise, collect, exchange or otherwise process or edit, information through the Digicel Vibes site and/or the internet, and/or MMS-messages, e-mail and/or other data. The transport to the User is based on the Digicel Mobile Service. e. MMS: Multimedia Messaging Service. f. Connection Type: type of Digicel Mobile Service, such as prepaid or contract-based service. g. Subscriber, NMTS, Agreement, and Digicel Mobile Service: as described in article 1 of the general Terms and Conditions (prepaid or contract-based).

3. Activation The Data Services to which these Conditions apply, are only available in combination with the Connection Types and Connection Points as set and specified by NMTS. Access to the Data Services requires prior separate registration of User, in accordance with the NMTS’ instructions, and is subject to acceptance of this registration by NMTS. NMTS reserves the right not to accept a registration, for instance in case the registration data are incomplete or incorrect. The Data Services may only be used by the User. In addition to the general Terms and Conditions, an Agreement comes into force when User’s registration is accepted as described above. By registering the User acknowledges and agrees with the applicable tariffs for the particular Data Services, the general technical characteristics, and these Conditions.

4. Modification and termination NMTS reserves the right to alter and/or cancel offered Data Services after giving prior notice to the User. This notification may be done, among others, by SMS messaging or on the Digicel web site. NMTS is entitles to terminate the Agreement in full or partially, without giving prior notice, in case of default by the User. The Agreement relating to the Data Services is terminated in any case at the termination of the Agreement between NMTS and Subscriber.

5. Use of the Data Services Although NMTS undertakes to attain the highest possible level of availability of the Data Services, NMTS explicitly does not guarantee uninterrupted or unhindered availability of the Data Services. The User is obliged to abide by reasonable instructions given by NMTS with regards to the use of the Data Services, such as, for instance, limitations in case of excessive bandwidth use. The User undertakes to dispose of well-functioning hard- and software required to operate the Data Services. NMTS does not guarantee in any way, and is not in any way liable, for the contents of information provided by third parties through the Internet. Links to third party Internet sites are for User information purposes only. User accepts and acknowledges explicitly that NMTS is by no means responsible for the contents or availability of third party Internet sites, nor for the using of the information or services offered on such sites by User. User is obliged to comply with the requirements that are or may become applicable with regard to the reasonable use of the Internet and/or Data Services. More in particular, the User shall not use the Data Services in a way incompatible with the law, public order and morality, and the generally applicable norms for Internet use. User agrees and acknowledges that NMTS is not obliged to monitor User’s use of the Data Services for the purpose of controlling compliance by User with the above. Nevertheless, as soon as it is informed about activities or information, or about facts or circumstances which demonstrate the illegal character or which cannot be considered improbable to have such character on beforehand, NMTS is entitled to take any permissible and/or required steps against that, without prior notice and without this leading to any liability for NMTS. Except when expressly indicated otherwise it is not allowed to use any Data Service as part of another commercial service offered by User or any third party, or to resell any Data Service. Information offered through the Data Services may be subject to intellectual property rights. User can only use this information for personal, non-commercial use in the framework of the Data Services. Using, copying and/or editing by the User of the information offered through the Data Services, outside that framework, is not permitted. User is liable for such use and will hold NMTS harmless for any third party claims for damages that these third parties could in any way claim from NMTS.

6. Liability Notwithstanding what is stated in the general Terms and Conditions, NMTS is not liable for: a. damage arising from not taking place, or untimely, incomplete or incorrect taking place of querying, receiving, sending, organising, collecting, exchanging and/or otherwise processing or editing of Data Services information; b. damage arising from or related to: corruption of data stored or transferred digitally or electro-magnetically; disturbing, disappearing or making public of confidential or valuable information; c. possible health risks which might arise from the use of the Data Services, and which NMTS could not foresee at the moment this Agreement was executed. User is aware of the limitations and risks of the use of the Internet, SMS and/or any other technology with which the Data Services can be used or can be delivered, as well as the risks inherent to the digital and/or electro-magnetic storage or transfer of data, in particular the loss of data and the unauthorized viewing by third parties. The User accepts that NMTS is not liable for any damages arising from the risks mentioned above.