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With CaribFLEX you can now buy instant Digicel phone credit/minutes for your friends and family in Anguilla from select retail outlets and selected convenient stores in New York, New Jersey and Connecticut in the USA and Canada (search below) or at any retail location with a Touch-N-Buy terminal.

For your nearest Touch-N-Buy retail location call toll free from the US on 1-800-483-2891

Digicel Anguilla airtime can be purchased in US & Canadian Dollars.

All you have to do is:

  1. Go to the Digicel CaribFLEX location nearest you.
  2. Indicate the Digicel telephone number you want to top up in Anguilla and the amount of credit required.
  3. Your friend or family member’s prepaid account will be automatically topped-up, and they will receive a text message confirming the amount of the top-up

For further information and instructions visit the Help & FAQ section of the website here.